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We have OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers around the country, but with a standard 25-mile radius territory, chances are good that your area is still available.

We started the OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers Program because of the large number of requests that we get from people wishing to buy a complete OP Loftbed. Because the shipping costs would nearly equal the actual cost of the bed, in most cases it is not feasible for us to ship them from our facility in Thomasville, North Carolina. This inspired the idea of allowing other people around the country to become our suppliers to those people who want complete OP Loftbed kits.

Take a look at our site statistics. There are a lot of people looking for loft beds, and they are coming to our site. Becoming an OP Loftbed Partner will place your business where the people that are looking for your product can find you and do business with you. Our OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers can be found in the Buy A Bed section of our site.

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If you have additional questions concerning the OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers program, please email them to us at partners@oploftbed.com, or use our convenient email form.

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