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Here are some pictures of OP Loftbeds that our customers have built. If you have built an OP Loftbed and would like to share your craftmanship with the rest of the world, feel free to send us a picture. You can be in the picture with your OP Loftbed if you want. We would especially like to see the unique and creative ways that you have decorted your OP Loftbed, but any pictures are welcome. You can email digital pictures or scanned images to gallery@oploftbed.com. (We realize that loft beds are usually used in cramped quarters, but give it a shot anyway!)

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Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

David in Michigan built this OP Loftbed, and his wife Chriss accessorized it, for their daughter Erin. Chriss says, "We had searched all the stores for a decent loft bed for her, couldn’t find anything we liked, or that seemed sturdy enough. We ended up building yours, and love how it turned out! My husband added the shelf under the bed in the last picture. Thanks for the great plans! We built a medium height bed with 10 inches added onto it. Works great with our 8 foot ceilings! Our daughter loves her bed, and so do all of her friends!"

Mandey sent us this picture of her "Surf Shack Bed".

Surf's up!

Melissa sent us this picture of the loft bed she made for her 10-year old. She tells us, "She LOVES it and it frees up so much of her room, it's fantastic. Thanks!"

Are you ready for some football?! Peter sent us this picture of his son's new loft bed. Since we're based in North Carolina, we couldn't resist sharing this one. :-)

Bill and Karen wrote to say:

Dear OP Loftbed Company,
We wanted to share the finished product I constructed using plans from your website.  The bed is sturdy and I am impressed with the quality of finish.  It created a lot more usable space for my daughter!  Thank you.

Rameen in Maryland built this bed for his daughter. He did some extra work to get the look just like he wanted. Read what he did and see more pictures in the OP Loftbed Blog...

Scott sent us these pictures and says, "Just wanted to share some pics of a loft I built with my friend Dan using your plans and bolt kit. Worked out well."

Hardy and Teresa in Wisconsin crafted this wonderful loft bed. They told us, "We built this using the plans from OP and then got some additional ideas from the pictures on the website. Very helpful! We decided to put paneling underneath the bed to create a cleaner look. I also appreciated the double rails to make my daughter (and me!) feel better about security. My husband installed LED under counter lighting for the desk and we placed an additional clip lamp near the bed for nighttime reading. My eight year old daughter loves it!! Thanks OP!"

Carl in Stanfield, NC built this loft bed for his granddaughter. It was assembled in her room on Father's Day. He says, "Thanks OP Loftbed for good plans and helpful photos online."

Carl in Stanfield, NC also built this loft modified short height loft bed for his grandson. He says, "The grandson’s bed was adapted from a photo by Rob in California in the OP Loftbed Gallery. Thanks Rob for the help."

Chris in Archdale, NC sent us pictures of the loft bed he built. He says, "We built our little girl a double loftbed as a gift for her 7th birthday. She absolutely loves it, and with a fresh coat of paint in the room, it was a complete makeover. Now she has floorspace and a desk to work on homework. Her own space, and she could not be more proud."

Gary in Tennessee sent a lot of details about the loft bed he built. He says, " This was my first significant wood working project, but it turned out great! I built this for my 8 year old daughter Claire and she (and all of her friends) love it. It’s a simple design, but I’m impressed with how great it looks and how sturdy it is (it’s build like tank!). My son is now convinced he needs one too. :-)" See more pictures and details about this project in the OP Loftbed blog...

Lynnae in Tennessee positioned a full-size bed under the twin-size loft bed she built to get the twin-over-full effect. She says, "This was our first real 'project' and we did it all by hand. I was terrified that none of the holes would line up, or all of them would be drilled crookedly and nothing would fit together when it came time to assemble... well, I was right in that it was all crooked and tough to line up (having only to do with my lack of craftsmanship) but in the end, it still wound up looking perfect! my kids love it. thank you so much!"

Adriana in Beaumont, California. She writes, "What kind of little girl doesn't want to have her own little house? The plans were quite sturdy and very easy to follow! It just took motivation among adding a little flowers, spice, and everything nice to create a unique piece of furniture that is set to make any girl's dream playhouse a reality. I have never seen my 3 year old girl so happy!" See more pictures and details about this project in the OP Loftbed blog...

Robin in Kalamazoo, Michigan built this full size loft bed and added lots of creative accessories. "This is my 6 year olds loft bed. I used the tall-medium, full size loft bed plans. He absolutely LOVES this bed. I attached rope lights around the top and down the stair rail that he can operate from a switch at the head of the bed. I built stairs to ease the climb up and down. Flip chairs under the bed for extra seating or an extra sleep space. l mounted lights under the bed as well and I covered the X braces with dry erase board. This was lots of fun to make. My son had great fun decorating it with Mario decals and I think this bed is sturdy enough to hold a car!!! Thanks for the great plans!" See more pictures of this project in the OP Loftbed blog...

Laurie in Ontario sent us this great picture of their twin-over-queen bunkbed. She says, "We moved our family of 3 into a one bedroom apartment entirely voluntarily on a mission to simplify our lives. Your OP Loft Bed plans made it work wonderfully (no tripping over eachother in the 10 x 12 bedroom with floor space to spare)! We looked at traditional bunk beds, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable climbing up there for story time. This way, we got to keep our current mattresses and have something we're comfortable climbing on and sleeping under. Thanks for being awesome! :)"
Read more about this project in the OP Loftbed blog...

Joe in Austin Texas built this full size loft bed for his son. "Bought the full size medium height plans and me, my wife, and son finished in about 3 weekends. Most time spent on it was staining and adding two coats of polyurethane. Built the short leg pieces a little taller than plans due to my son has a 13" pillow top mattress. Then had to raise the guardrails up some too. It makes his small bedroom have more space and he loves hanging out underneath it."

Joanna tells us about her experience building loft beds for her four sons, "Hi. I am a 48 year-old cheapskate of a Mom with a great deal of determination and a slight knack for handiness. We live in a home with very little storage space and have 4 very tall boys, each weighing about 200 lbs. Two of the boys share a bedroom, and when they came home from college we had no place to store their luggage, college linens, books, etc." Continued in the OP Loftbed blog...

Levi in Berkely, California sent us this picture, "Here are pictures of my full-size tall oploftbed. I built it all by myself (except for some help with pushing wood through the table saw, and some assembly), and it was a TON of work, but it was more than worth it. It took me about two weeks this July, never working more than 4 hours a day. I was able to use the Berkeley Tool Library to borrow all my tools for free. Oh and also, I had never used power tools before I built this bed, YouTube was a lifesaver for learning how to correctly use all the tools.
Total cost was $250 for everything, including the paint. Thank you so much! The bed makes my room a real living-space finally."

Beverly is a 2nd grade teacher in Utah. She says, "My husband built a loftbed using your plans which I use in the classroom as a reading loft. The 2nd graders can't wait to be rewarded with time in the loft (either up or down, it doesn't matter to them) where they can read their favorite books. It has been an amazing tool to reward the children for good behavior, and encourage them to read while in a comfortable and secluded corner of the classroom. I am the envy of the entire school faculty. Even the principal told me that parents of first graders are lining up to request that their children be put in my class next year. Thank you for a fun and useful project!"

Jerry in Arkansas tells us, "Thank you so much for these plans. We've looked at a lot of the bunk beds manufactured these days and we were never happy with how they were built, until we saw these plans. Erika just loves her new bedroom so much and the loft bed really made it unique. She has so much more play room for her toys now. Thanks OP Loftbed."

Jenny designed and built a nice set of steps for this OP Loftbed. She says this is, "the second full sized loft bed that I built. This one is for my youngest daughter her mom didnt think that she was big enough to climb up and down the side so I improvised."

Trent in Houston, Texas sent us this picture of a bed he built for his son two years ago. He says he is currently making a customized shelf to match the look of the bed.

One of the reasons we provide the photo gallery here is to give our customers the opportunity to see how others have customized and enhanced teir OP Loftbed. There is so much you can with it!

Alex shared this picture of the OP Loftbed he built. He says, "After all of the work I put into it, I thought I'd email you guys my queen sized loft bed. It was a little bit of work but worth every minute. It works great and I can't imagine my tiny Chicago apartment without it!"

Scott in Michigan built this OP Loftbed for his daughter for her birthday. "It is hard to get her out of it now. The design was easy to follow, and I have amazed myself putting it together and having everything line up enough that I could get the bolt through! I added a big desk underneath using a piece of finished plywood. This really adds some space to a small room. Very sturdy as well. No issue with anything falling over on the desk while someone climbs up to the top. Thanks for all of the great pictures out there to get ideas."

Scott in Illinois says, "I just finished my bed this weekend. This is my first wood project with plans. After searching the web, I chose your plans because of my initial communication with your support and your testimonials. You have lived up to you name."

"Your plans are bang one. So easy to read and follow and the bed went together like clockwork. Thanks. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to blog about it on my internet marketing blog."

Sandi wrote to tell us, "Just wanted to share my pics with you. I am a stay at home mom and this was also my very first woodworking project! Even I can't believe it turned out so great! The plans I purchased are very precise and easy to figure out. My neighbor helped me with the angle cuts on the mattress supports and loaned me some of the tools I needed. Assembly is pretty easy, it's the sanding and staining that take a lot of time. Especially for me because it was my 1st time doing all of that! But it was well worth it and my kids both love it! I would definitely do this again. (I know it would be a lot faster the 2nd time around!) Thanks for the great plans, money well spent!"

Kirsten built these two highly decorated OP Loftbeds. She says, "I'm a stay at home mom with almost no woodworking experience. The beds took quite awhile to make, but that was more due to the painting and decorating than the actual construction. I made the Yankee bed for my son. I like the added space. He loves the little reading nook we created under the bed."

"My daughter loves the pink fuzzy steps. I'm awfully proud of the lap joints! This is completely doable for anyone with a knack for assembling things and the willingness to try. The second bed was a lot easier than the first. My daughter loves to shut herself in the bottom and read and play with her stuffed animals! With all of the decoration, it probably cost as much as a store bought bed, but is eminently cooler. Thanks for the plans!"

Audra sent us this picture and says, "Here is the 4th loft bed that my husband has built for our children. The first 3 were just basic lofts for our older children, but we got creative with this last bed. Thanks for the great plans. They are sturdy, well built beds."

Lori in Idaho built this loft bed for her daughter. "Since my daughter's room is quite small, the loft bed was a perfect answer to space management. I added a 4' x 2' desk underneath for doing projects and homework. Most of the time was spent preparing the wood in terms of cutting, drilling, sanding and staining. My friends came by when the headpiece was put together, and the next day were amazed it was done. 'I thought you were weeks away from completing it!' my friend said. I am very pleased with the results. I do appreciate the great set of plans!"

Michael built this loft bed and tells us, "Here is my version of your bed. The bed went together very easily. I built the tall double but added a twin on the bottom so my son could use it as a couch/lounging area or for a sleepover. I attached the front piece on the twin with knock down bed hardware. The only problem was the need to relocate the ceiling fan in the room. Needless to say my son and all his friends love it and their parents want me to make one for them. No time for that, it's on to the next project."

Travis in Kentucky wrote to say, "My father in law built this for my 6 year old for Christmas.  Needless to say! It didnt make it to Christmas we had to give it to him immediately!! It is soo sturdy and was really easy to build.  He built it in about 1 day.  The wood ended up costing $80 and the hardware was about $40.  So its a wonderful and cheap investment.  I will say this bed will be with us for a longtime!!! We love it!!!"

Tony shared this with us, "I just finished this bed for my 10 year old daughter and she loves it! As you can see from the picture, I added bead board under the bed and lighting above the desk for her to do her homework and work on her laptop. I still used the cross braces behind the bead board for the exceptional stability. Thanks for the great plans that were easy to follow and well designed. I saved hundreds of dollars and am my daughter's hero, at least for a couple of days anyway!"

Craig sent us this picture. "Just finished this full size model for my son. He loves it! I sanded and added 3 coats of poly. Next, I will put some curtain rods with some fabric so he can use is as a fort. I am also going to add the handles shown on the freebee page. Thanks for the plans!"

Craig wrote to say, "Everything went smoothly, even when we had to change the height of the bed platform once we got the frame into my son's dorm room. It's very sturdy, and very useful. Sorry I don't have any better pictures, but here's what we have. FYI - we saw a lot of other loft kits, including one sold by Lowes, and they were very flimsy comparatively. I don't know that I would have felt secure with them. I pulled and yanked on the OP loft once my son and I had it finished, and it just won't budge." Continued in the OP Loftbed blog...

Jerry in Pennsylvania tells us, "We wanted to make our boys' room something unique and to be proud of. This project surpassed what we had desired. The bed plans (Tall Loft) were well drawn and detailed. Extremely sturdy and well designed beds!!! It took a few days of off-and-on work to complete, as well as painting added at least 2 days. All in all a very good project for the 3 of us to tackle. The results were spectacular!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AS A PROJECT!!!! 5 Stars to OP Loftbed!!!!! Total cost was less than $150 per bed." Continued in the OP Loftbed blog...

Danielle in Texas built this OP Loftbed for her daughter. "This twin high loft took about a month for me to build from start to finish. The plans were easy to follow. My husband thought that the work involved might have been worth the extra cost to have someone else build it. I, on the other hand, have minimal skills and found the experience enjoyable and empowering (I also did about 90% of the work). This bed is STURDY! It does NOT MOVE! I had fun making it, I can take pride in my work and my daughter LOVES IT!" Continued in the OP Loftbed blog...

Jeanne shared this with us . "We purchased your plans and hardware, and my husband built this full-sized bunk bed for my daughter and her roommate at college. Her room was designed for one occupant, so the bunk beds really came in handy. The beds are extremely sturdy. My husband told my daughter if there is a tornado or hurricane, that she wouldn't be going anywhere if she hung onto the bed!!" Continued in the OP Loftbed blog...

Paul in Minnesota wrote to say. "I went with the king sized loft so I could put two twin mattress up there so that both my 11 yr old son and I could sleep in. Under the loft made a perfect play area for my 6 and 4 year olds. I raised the height so that I could stand under it (I'm six feet) and added a couple railings. It's really sturdy. Now I just need to stain it and add some carpet to the stairs for extra padding. Fun project, ended up costing around $150 which is really great for the amount of space it saved me (I live in a 650sf studio apt)."

Gord sent us this picture. "I built this double loftbed about a year ago, and it's now into its second apartment!  I made one minor adjustment in the plans for the diagonal piece, they're just on the inside and outside, because I didn't have the tools to make a decent notch in them.  They seem to work just fine, though!  Other than that, you can see the little pre-fab shelf I added on up at the top for my reading light and alarm clock.  As you can see, I've set up my desk and computers underneath, with surround sound speakers in the corners.  The sound quality is just great. Thanks for the great plans, I had a lot of fun building it all!"

These are the first two OP Loftbeds built by Rob in California for he and his roommates. " Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your excellent bed plans and to share with you the 3 beds I've built from them. My roommates and I recently moved into a 3 bedroom apartment where the rooms are quite small, so we needed a way to make more space. We didn't, however, want 'collegiate-height' lofts, so I modified the plans to be just tall enough to fit our dressers underneath. Our lofts have about 3ft of clearance."

This is the second bed Rob built for his other roommate. "We also built an 'ultra-mini' loft which was so low that we got away with using only one sheet of ply and letting the mattress hang over by a couple of inches (saving $30!).  I also didn't bother with the plywood "nestling-notch" cuts and relied on the corners to hold the ply in place--this was a really quick build and really cheap (only 4 @ 2x6x8', 5 @ 2x4x8', and one sheet of ply, if I remember correctly)."

Alex in North Carolina tells us, "I just completed this twin loftbed for my Granddaughter Maggie. The underside is covered in an ultrasuade like material that I adhered with a spray-on glue. With the help of my friend Richard the project was completed in about 28 man-hours, most of which went into the sanding, staining and polyurethane."

Dean shared these pictures. "Here is the finished bed that I built. I used your plans for most of it, but as you can see I had a few ideas of my own, and I did some modifying. I incorporated the steps from another bed picture in your gallery. The Canopy was my idea. I kept all four posts the same height and made a canopy loft bed. We wanted it to have a "Barn" look, because my daughter is into horses. We tried to convince her that it should be RED and white. She insisted that it should be PINK and white. Oh well, At least it looks cool. I will be building my boys a bed soon."

Ali in California shared this with us. "We want to thank you for the great plans for our Daughters bed. We had so much fun painting, making, and decorating this bed. It was fun to let her pick out the paint and create it for her own little personality. She really wanted her name on her bed, so my husband came up with the great way to put her name on it. Now we have to get one done for the 8 year old who is very jealous of her little sisters bed. Thank you again for the great idea's."

Desi tells us, "Thanks for offering these great plans, it was perfect. And I recommend them to all my friends. This is the bed that we made for my son last summer. We were able to make this awesome bed for less than $300 (paint, fabric, and supplies included). He wanted dragons on it, so I wood burned some dragons, and a celtic knot on the front. It is incredibly study, and was really fun to make. He loves it. Our next project will be bunk beds for our girls."

David in California shared this with us. "I made this over new year and my daughter loves it. Now my son wants one too (I anticipated this and bought two sets of bolts from you guys:-). Now I'm on to the next bed. My son is drawing a picture of what he would like and I have to made to order. You guys design are great! Thanks a lot."

Michelle built this great loft bed. She writes, "I had to share my picture of my OP Loftbed.  We needed a bigger bed for our family, and I decided to build the loft while my baby slept, as I am a stay at home mother.  I have no wood building skills and I did need some help towards the end from my husband, but I love our family bed.  This is a king size bed that is about 5 feet high.  Just enough room to store some of our stuff or to put another bed underneith when our children get a little older.  Thanks for the bed plans...priced very well...even my husband was pleased."

Michael sent us these pictures and tells us, "I looked for some loftbeds for my 2 boys for quite some time and I was never able to find what I wanted without paying $700-$1200 each and even then the quality was questionable for 2 active boys. I found your website and purchased the twin bed plans and then modified them to what I wanted. I am thrilled with how they turned out and as you can see, I have made 2 of them and they are mirror images of one another. Lots of sanding and several coats of polyurethane have made a nice, sturdy, high quality piece of furniture. Thanks OP!"

Jim's kids in Oklahoma are really enjoying their OP Loftbeds. Jim tells us " My daughter thinks (excuse me, knows) she is a princess so I cut paneling in the shape of princess towers and attached them to her bed to make a princess castle! I wasn't ready for either of my kids to sleep on the top yet, so I put their mattresses underneath and they love playing on top of the bed. I also built stairs that double as bookshelves that they can use to climb up and down! My son even has a small slide that I attatched to his "stairs". They absolutely love the beds!  Thank you for the great plans!!!!"

Mariela in Chicago writes, "Just wanted to share pictures of our terrific loftbed. We thought more of your customers might like to see the queen size. The tall queen works great, totally sturdy and our queen pillowtop mattress and boxspring it perfectly. We need as much space as possible in our tiny Chicago apartment!  Since we love stencils so much we eventually made it look like a cargo crate by stenciling it with shipping words like "Overnight Express", "this side up" and also our production company logo! We love it so much we even created an online photo album dedicated to it!

Amy in New York sent us this picture of her son's OP Loftbed. "The plans were meticulous; the loft bed kit of hardware fasteners is the way to go—MUCH less expensive than buying by the piece at a big box store. Our son wanted a loft bed with NO desk underneath (it's across the room) with lots of floor room to play & imagine. I posted this room on HGTV.com’s Rate My Space and have gotten great reviews on the bed."

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