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Plans and Drawings

General Information - Materials list, dimensions, and expected costs to build your bed.

Order Plans Online - Order your plans online.

Order Hardware Kits Online - Order your hardware kits online.

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Free Plans - Free plans for OP Loftbed and OP Bunkbed additions.

Fabrication Instructions - The first step in making your OP Loftbed or OP Bunkbed.

Assembly Instructions - How to put your loft bed or bunk bed together.

Frequently Asked Questions - Find your answer here.

Photo Gallery - OP Loftbed owners share their craftsmanship with you.

Testimonies - Read what others have to say about their OP Loftbeds and OP Bunkbeds.


Legal Disclosures
The OP Loftbed Company has no control over the quality of materials that our customers use in building an OP Loftbed or OP Bunkbed, nor do we have control over the quality of craftsmanship, or woodworking skill level that our customers posses. Because of this, we can not and will not be held legally liable for any injuries resulting from the use of any bed built from our plans.

Because of the very nature of sleeping on an elevated surface, there are obvious and inherent dangers involved. We expect our customers to make themselves aware of those dangers before using their OP Loftbed. If small children will be using the bed, you must also install the Guardrail Addition Modification to be compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines.


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