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OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award

Thank you for your interest in the OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award! We are proud to be able to 'give something back' to the group that has made OP Loftbed the number one choice in loft beds by America's college students.

Scholarship Program Status:

As of September 16th, 2012, our Scholarship program is currently ON HOLD.

For the past four scholarships, our judges have had a very challenging time choosing finalists, and once finalists have been chosen, the finalists haven't followed through with providing proof of school enrollment or citizenship. It's been as frustrating for us as it has for you, our applicants and customers. We've continued to get further and further behind in the process and feel more and more overwhelmed with each new program.

With this in mind , we've decided to put the next scholarship on hold so we can focus on clearing up loose ends from our previous scholarships. Hopefully this will all be done so that there will be time to run the regular Winter 2013 scholarship with a January 31st, 2013 deadline. Unfortunately, we can't promise a date for when, or if, that program will open.

Our plan is to work backwards from the most recent scholarship program to the oldest one. We plan to work diligently to identify and contact finalists for the Summer 2012 Scholarship, make payment to the winner's school, and announce the winner publicly. Then we'll repeat the process for the Winter 2012 Scholarship, Summer 2011 Scholarship, and finally Winter 2011 Scholarship. We also plan to keep you better informed of our progress, right here on our web site.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Get Notified:

The only way to find out information about new scholarship opportunities, winners, and other related announcements is to:

About the OP Loftbed Scholarship


Previous Winners:

Summer 2012 - Results Pending
Winter 2012
- Results Pending
Summer 2011 - Results Pending
Winter 2011 - Results Pending
Summer 2010 - E. Brodsky, University of Vermont
Winter 2010 - K. Vega, Ithaca College
Summer 2009 - S. Parsons, University of Texas - Austin
Fall 2008 - T. Evans, Washington State University
2008-2009 - A. Keller, Virginia Commonwealth University
2007-2008 - J. Choi, University of California-San Francisco
2006-2007 - J. Harmon, Troy Univesity Dothan
2005-2006 - J. Brown, Sul Ross State University
2004-2005 - K. Ebmeier, University of Nebraska
2003-2004 - M. Davis, University of California Berkeley
2002-2003 - B. Buckley, Lesley University

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