5 Advantages of Lofted Beds


While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a good old fashioned regular bed, a lofted bed can offer many advantages that traditional beds simply cannot. If you’re considering adding a lofted bed to your home or dorm room, here are some great reasons to do so.

Advantages of Lofted Beds

  1. Camouflaged loft bedMore space for small rooms. Getting the bed off of the floor opens up all that space underneath that you can use for a study space, relax in with a futon or even just use as a storage space for things you don’t want sitting out. Regardless of what you use it for you’ll appreciate having more room, especially when you’re trying to cram more into a small space.
  2. It can clear out the clutter. Because you now have more space in your room it allows you more space to put all the other things in the room. Shelves under a lofted bed offer a range of storage options, from keeping books in order to managing an expanding collection.
  3. Lofting offers more versatility. There are certainly more ways that you can arrange a room when you have a lofted bed as opposed to a traditional one. The extra space offers room for everything from additional seating to a hobby corner, thing there may not have been room to add before.
  4. They are ideal for shared space. Whether you’re sharing space in a dorm room or just with a sibling, lofted beds are a practical way to make the most of a shared room. The additional space can be used for personal things, private space or simply to fit more in a small room.
  5. It’s just like regular bed—only better. Loft beds can be just as comfortable and practical as any traditional bed. You, or whoever is using the bed, can still get a good night’s sleep with loads of added benefits of having additional space in the room.

No matter how you decide to use a loft bed, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the flexibility that a lofted bed can provide in dorms, homes and more.

This post was contributed by Meredith Walker, who writes about the online college directory. She welcomes your feedback at MeredithWalker1983 at gmail.com

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