A Loft Bed Dream House for a Little Girl

Adriana in Beaumont, California sent us these pictures of a highly customized OP Loftbed. A lot of creativity, hard work, and love went into this build and they did a great job! She wrote:

"What kind of little girl doesn't want to have her own little house?
A house in which she can play with food in her little kitchen...
A house in which she can slide down playfully after a long night's rest.
A house in which she can be herself and have the time of her life along with a room that resembles a humble paradise in a child's dream. Well, that is what I have created for my little one using only the OP Loftbed, a little imagination, determination, lots of creativity, and most of all, the desire to fulfill a little girl's dream.

The plans were quite sturdy and very easy to follow! It just took motivation among adding a little flowers, spice, and everything nice to create a unique piece of furniture that is set to make any girl's dream playhouse a reality. I have never seen my 3 year old girl so happy!"

Wow, Adriana! This is an incredible bed. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them. For more pictures of customer’s loft beds, visit out photo gallery.

7 comments on “A Loft Bed Dream House for a Little Girl

  1. Just unbelieveable! Looking to perhaps be creative in this direction for my 4year old boy- what plan did you use for the safety staircase (instead of ladder)? Also, how far does you “house” stick out with all the extras? (width)? Finally, what did you use for the “glass” windows? plastic? I love how the house roof, etc. prevents them from leaning over the rail in playing and provides a peace of mind in leaving them alone in the room! Thanks for the amazing photos and motivation that this project can be taken to a whole new level!

  2. Your creativity here is fantastic. Your daughter must be in heaven with her new bed.

    It looks like you also added stairs. We have been looking for plans that include stairs. Did you design them yourself or were there plans you found? Any direction would be much appreciated.

  3. Love Love Love it……I would also like to know which plans you used to create a playland for a little girl….did you use a twin bed or full? What was the final cost once complete?
    How long did it take you to make?

  4. Dear TW: i didn’t use any plan for the staircase i just check in you tube how to make a staircase and it took like 5 days to finally get them done because the safety is the priority for me, i didn’t use glass, (safety) i’ll take some messurments on the house to let you know and thank you for your comments.

    Dear Lisa: just go to you tube and you will find how to make the stairs i found it there i hope you can find it.

  5. Hi Simone: the plan that used was Tall Height Loft Bed (twin)
    so she can have more space inside the house and the kitchen can fit easy.

    Hi Bobby: i used a Twin bed because that room is too small, the house took me like a month to finish because i work on it by myself (my husband just help a lil) and the final cost was less than 500.00 (kitchen included) thanks for your comments.

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