Building Loft Beds for Four Big Guys

Joanna wrote to tell us about her experience building loft beds for her four sons:


I live in Arlington Heights, IL. I am a 48 year-old cheapskate of a Mom with a great deal of determination and a slight knack for handiness. We live in a home with very little storage space and have 4 very tall boys, each weighing about 200 lbs. Two of the boys share a bedroom, and when they came home from college we had no place to store their luggage, college linens, books, etc. I was at my wits end & decided loft beds would take care of our storage issues. After researching various online plans, looking at photos & reading customer comments I decided OP Loftbeds seemed the sturdiest (sturdier than anything I could purchase in a store for a fraction of the cost). We have 8 foot ceilings so I bullt the medium size twin XL loftbeds (the first one I built is shown in these photos). I decided not to build the optional headboard shelf. I used a power hand drill, not a drill press, and borrowed a neighbor's miter saw & table saw. A dresser fits beneath each, along with all their college stuff, laundry hamper, etc. Total cost was $200 per bed which included the sand paper, foam brushes, stain, steel wool (best thing to sand stain between coats), poly, and all the lumber, plans & hardware. My tip: use a shoe string to get sawdust out of your drilled holes before staining. When you're ready to stain, use another dipped in stain to work stain into the drilled holes for a more finished look. Thanks for these amazing plans!

Thanks for sending us your kind words about our plans, the pictures, and your tips, Joanna! It looks like you did an excellent job. We're glad your boys are enjoying their new loft beds!

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3 comments on “Building Loft Beds for Four Big Guys

  1. Hi Shelly,
    i am in the process of purchasing the plans for a loft bed from OP. I have an 8 yr old. I am trying to decide between the medium and tall bed. How much room from bottom of mattress bar to the floor on your beds?
    I was thinking the space underneath could be reading and homework area and was leaning toward the taller one. Also have considered the making the bed thing up high. any comments on how they are working out for you?
    Also do you think they could be disassembled and reassembled easily? for future uses ie. college.
    BTW you rock putting it together your self, my area is painting sanding and staining. love the stain also i want ours to be black.
    Thanks in advance

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