Child’s Loft Bed with Rope Lights, Steps, Whiteboard, and Even Flip Chairs

Robin in Kalamazoo, Michigan built this full size loft bed and added lots of creative accessories.

"This is my 6 year olds loft bed. I used the tall-medium, full size loft bed plans. He absolutely LOVES this bed. I attached rope lights around the top and down the stair rail that he can operate from a switch at the head of the bed. I built stairs to ease the climb up and down. Flip chairs under the bed for extra seating or an extra sleep space. l mounted lights under the bed as well and I covered the X braces with dry erase board. This was lots of fun to make. My son had great fun decorating it with Mario decals and I think this bed is sturdy enough to hold a car!!! Thanks for the great plans!"

Excellent creativity and craftsmanship, Robin! Thanks for sharing these photos with us!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them. For more pictures of customer's loft beds, visit out photo gallery.

2 comments on “Child’s Loft Bed with Rope Lights, Steps, Whiteboard, and Even Flip Chairs

  1. I love this bed and would really like to know how you did the stairs. My wife and I are desperately looking for a creative bunk bed for our children but want it to be safe and sturdy. If we could add stairs like these we will certainly buy the plans for the bed and get started on this new adventure.


  2. Hi Kyle,

    I was wondering do you have a box spring and mattress on the loft bed? we are getting ready to order plans and are trying to decide on the height. Not sure if we should or would use both.
    My son loves the pictures of your bed, you did a great job, he wants stairs too!
    thanks in advance

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