CopyCatFilms Documents Their OP Loftbed Experience in Video

Farrin Abbott and Mariela Huber are filmmakers in Chicago. In their production company, CopyCatFilms, the duo documents their adventures from DIY craft projects to hilarious comedy shorts about the cats that cross their path. They call this series of films Obtuse, and episode two details their adventures building an OP Loftbed. It's a wonderfully made video, certainly much better than much of the stuff we've seen on HGTV.

For those of you that prefer still images, they even documented much of the project in a Flickr photo gallery. After the film production, they even added a custom desk to the loft bed supported by chains--you have to see it!

4 comments on “CopyCatFilms Documents Their OP Loftbed Experience in Video

  1. If there’s anybody out there that thinks they can’t do it…believe us–YOU CAN!! We created a tall queen sized loftbed that would hold the bed and boxspring–completely within a 600 sq. ft. apartment with two cats and two people…on the 6th floor! 🙂

    We even moved and reassembled the bed with ease in another apartment.

    The plans are great and the design is absolutely terrific! AND definitely consider getting the OP Loftbed hardware kit! We couldn’t find enough hardware even in the city of Chicago! Save yourself the hassle!

    And most importantly…have fun. 🙂

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