Customer Pictures of Twin over Queen Bunk Bed

We always encourage our customers to send us pictures of their OP Loftbed creations. We've just added a couple of new pictures to our photo gallery. We'll let the builders tell you about them in their own words though.

Twin over queen bunk bed

We moved our family of 3 into a one bedroom apartment entirely voluntarily on a mission to simplify our lives.

Your OP Loft Bed plans made it work wonderfully (no tripping over eachother in the 10 x 12 bedroom with floor space to spare)! We looked at traditional bunk beds, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable climbing up there for story time. This way, we got to keep our current mattresses and have something we're comfortable climbing on and sleeping under.

We made it out of cedar because it was surpisingly cheaper than pine. We used carriage bolts with the heads spray painted black to soften the edges (for asthetic and safety purposes). We put a flat clear coat on as a finish and added one handle, horizontally at the foot of the mattress.

Our original plan was to slide our mattress under length-wise, but in the chaos of the move, I forgot to mention that to the carpenters (my husband and his father). It would work if we ditched the box spring and opted for a futon base, since the queen sized mattress is flexible enough to addapt to the missing inch.

I'm sure you can imagine our son's favourite way to get OUT of bed with such a handy landing pad.

Thanks for being awesome! 🙂

~Laurie in Milton, Ontario

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  1. The loft bed shown at the top of the post is sturdy and has a nice design.This loft bed is very practical where family can monitor their children on top. Great product where function and aesthetic meet together

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