Does this loft bed have special rails or safety devices for small children?

pic6Our loft bed plans do include safety rails. These rails are adjustable in height, and you can make double rails if you so choose (the picture here shows how one customer added two extra guard rails on each side. The rails are also designed so that they can be placed on the inside or outside of the frame. If small children will be using the bed, you must also install the Guardrail Addition Modification to be compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines. Some people have also added metal handles to the built in ladder (also seen in this picture). This is easier for small children to grip. Children under six years old should never be allowed to sleep in the top bunk of any loft bed or bunk bed!

Obviously, there are inherent dangers with bunk beds because of the elevated sleeping area. Parents should make children aware of these dangers. Since we have no control over the quality of materials that you use or the quality or your craftsmanship we can not be held liable for any accidents or injuries.

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