Full Size Bunk Beds in a Dorm Room

When most people think of bunk beds, they think of those shaky, wobbly twin-size beds they had as a child. But grownups sometimes need bunk beds too and often a twin size just won't fit the need. That's OK here at OP Loftbed because we offer bunk bed plans that can accommodate full size (or double) mattresses.

Jeanne sent us these pictures and says, "We purchased your plans and hardware, and my husband built this full-sized bunk bed for my daughter and her roommate at college. Her room was designed for one occupant, so the bunk beds really came in handy. The beds are extremely sturdy. My husband told my daughter if there is a tornado or hurricane, that she wouldn't be going anywhere if she hung onto the bed!!"

One of the things we especially liked was the customized headboard shelf he made. We've included a close-up picture of it below.

You can see this bunkbed and dozens of other loft beds and bunk beds built by satisfied customers in our photo gallery. If you've built an OP Loftbed loft bed or bunk bed and would like us to share your craftsmanship with the world, just send a picture and any comments you may have to gallery@oploftbed.com. If you haven't yet built your own bed, you can purchase plans for only $10!

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