I need the mattress platform at a different height than the options provided. What do I do?

If you need to different height, we suggest you buy the plans for the size that has the height adjustment as close to the height you need, without going over the height you need.

  • Tall Height: 60-1/2", 63-1/4", or 66" above the floor
  • Medium Height: 44", 46 3/4", or 49 1/2" above the floor
  • Short Height: 27 1/2", 30 1/4", or 33" above the floor.

For example, if you wanted a mattress platform that was 58" above the floor, you would select the Medium Height plans (because its top option of 49-1/2" is closes to 58".

You can safely make any of our loft bed designs up to a foot taller by adding up to 12" onto the BOTTOM of the legs at the time of fabrication. Simply add the desired height to ALL leg measurements. For example, to make the Tall Height OP Loftbed 6" taller you will need to cut the Tall Leg Head Piece to be 96" Long (instead of 90") and drill the holes at 9-3/4", 14-3/4", 40-1/4", etc... (instead of 3-3/4", 8-3/4", 34-1/4", etc...).