How Did OP Loftbed Get Its Name?

The OP Loftbed Name

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One question often asked is, "how did OP Loftbed get its name?" The story of the OP Loftbed name is a testiment to the quality and sturdy construction of an OP Loftbed.

When Charles Cranford's sister started college, it was incredibly obvious that there just wasn't a lot of extra room in her dorm. The only way that she could have any room to move around was to buy a loft bed. Since Charles worked as an engineer, he decided to design and build a loft bed for his sister.

Normally, Charles applies his training to much larger structures, but here he used his knowledge of engineering to develop one of the sturdiest loft beds ever made. Good design lends itself to structural integrity.

Once the original bed was finished and completely assembled in the dorm room, her friends commented on how solid the bed was. The bed didn't shake when someone climbed the ladder. Even when someone climbed on top and tried to rock the bed, it barely moved.

Someone commented, "Man, that bed is so solid, you could have an orgy on it!" Someone else replied, "Yeah, it's ORGY PROOF!"

Orgy Proof - the name stuck and it has been called the "Orgy Proof Loft Bed" ever since.

Order a set of plans and see for yourself exactly what we mean when we say that this bed is rock solid, and designed to withstand far more than just the everyday grind of college life.