How to Add Space to a Small Apartment

King Size Loft Bed in Small Studio Apartment

How do you add an extra 50 square feet of floor space to a small apartment? Well, build a king-size OP Loftbed, of course!

Paul in Minnesota built the bed you see heare and he wrote to tell us. "I went with the king sized loft so I could put two twin mattress up there so that both my 11 yr old son and I could sleep in. Under the loft made a perfect play area for my 6 and 4 year olds. I raised the height so that I could stand under it (I'm six feet) and added a couple railings. It's really sturdy. Now I just need to stain it and add some carpet to the stairs for extra padding. Fun project, ended up costing around $150 which is really great for the amount of space it saved me (I live in a 650sf studio apt)."

You can see Paul's loft bed and dozens of others built by satisfied customers in our photo gallery. If you've built an OP Loftbed loft bed or bunk bed and would like us to share your craftsmanship with the world, just send a picture and any comments you may have to If you haven't yet built your own bed, you can purchase plans for only $10!

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