Teacher Makes Reading Fun with a Loft Bed in the Classroom

Beverly Smith--a 2nd grade teacher at Coral Canyon Elementary School in Washington, Utah--sent us these pictures of the OP Loftbed her husband built. She uses it in her classroom as a reading loft. She tells us, "The 2nd graders can't wait to be rewarded with time in the loft (either up or down, it doesn't matter to them) where they can read their favorite books.  It has been an amazing tool to reward the children for good behavior, and encourage them to read while in a comfortable and secluded corner of the classroom.  I am the envy of the entire school faculty.  Even the principal told me that parents of first graders are lining up to request that their children be put in my class next year.  Thank you for a fun and useful project!"

For many years, the OP Loftbed has been the loft bed of choice for college students who needed a place to study as well as a place to rest for more learning. It's great to see them being used in education in other ways. In what ways does this inspire you to use an OP Loftbed?

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