Three Customers Send Loft Bed Photos and Comments

We've been way behind posting pictures and testimonials from our satisfied customers. In our photo gallery, we can't post all the good stuff everyone has to say, but here on the blog, we can post every unedited word. Here is the latest batch from the past two weeks.

Daughter's loft bed with ladder

Dear OP Loft,

This twin high loft took about a month for me to build from start to finish. The plans were easy to follow. My 5 year old had trouble with the side supports so, I built a custom ladder. As you can see from the pic I used the guardrail modification for a side guard and added an extra side rail for aesthetics. My Hubby and I were a bit concerned about the wing-nuts being a safety issue but after we put it together we only replaced the wing nuts with regular nuts for the sleeping area of the bed and turned the bolts so that the bolt head faced in and the nut faced out. As you can see the lower wing-nuts provide nice 'hooks' for robes and toys :-). After my husband creatively painted the hardware it looked good. I added a foot guard from leftover plywood for added safety at the ladder end. The paint is zero VOC and low VOC in semi-gloss. I hand-painted the name and coordinating flower design. Now the bottom is a reading nook, but will evolve to a study as she gets older.

The pine wood only cost about $120, hardware kit was from OP Loft (under $50-way cheaper than local hardware store), the majority of the cost was from the bedding ($50), mattress ($100) and paint and brushes, sandpaper, wood filler, caulk, extra hardware and wood ($150).

My husband thought that the work involved might have been worth the extra cost to have someone else build it. I, on the other hand, have minimal skills and found the experience enjoyable and empowering (I also did about 90% of the work). This bed is STURDY! It does NOT MOVE! I had fun making it, I can take pride in my work and my daughter LOVES IT!

- Danielle - Fort Worth, TX

Two twin loft beds for brothers

We wanted to make our boys' room something unique and to be proud of. This project surpassed what we had desired. The bed plans (Tall Loft) were well drawn and detailed. Extremely sturdy and well designed beds!!! It took a few days of off-and-on work to complete, as well as painting added at least 2 days. I would definitely advise to buy or borrow, a table saw for making the notch-cut for the plywood, Having one made it extremely easy to do. We had also ordered the hardware which simplified things even more!! All in all a very good project for the 3 of us to tackle. The results were spectacular!!!!! We added a set of stairs in the back corner where the beds meet, which creates almost a secret entrance for the boys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AS A PROJECT!!!! 5 Stars to OP Loftbed!!!!! Total cost was less than $150 per bed.

- Thanks, Jerry, Joseph (age 12) and Jeffrey (age 6) of Pennsylvania.


Dorm room loft bed

Everything went smoothly, even when we had to change the height of the bed platform once we got the frame into my son's dorm room. It's very sturdy, and very useful. Sorry I don't have any better pictures, but here's what we have:

We opted to use regular nuts instead of wing nuts. Some of the tolerances were a bit tighter, so I used a locknut instead of a nut and a lockwasher. We found using the nuts with a wrench and socket was easier than turning a bunch of wingnuts by hand or using a pair of pliers on them.

FYI - we saw a lot of other loft kits, including one sold by Lowes, and they were very flimsy comparatively. I don't know that I would have felt secure with them. I pulled and yanked on the OP loft once my son and I had it finished, and it just won't budge.

- Craig

7 comments on “Three Customers Send Loft Bed Photos and Comments

  1. Is the picture of the red lofts just two lofts placed in an L shape? Or are they connected? How much space would be needed? (L X W)

  2. Katie,

    Yes, the 2 loftbeds are indpendent of each other. It’s just that due to desin and space limits we had to snug them into a corner. In that corner we left an aproximate 2 foot x 40” area where we built a set of stairs / ladder to go up. Also, we had to wall-mount a TV in that corner for the boys ( a 13” TV and a home-made corner shelf did) the trick, because otherwise watching TV was difficult. Also we added rope lights under the beds to add additional lighting as well as provide a safe way to get on the beds at night (using a wireless “Handy-Switch”)…………..We are still VERY proud of our project and make sure to show it off to everybody that visits us……………Thanks….Jerry (pennsylvania)

  3. I love the girls loft bed, I especially love the custom stair ladder, do you have a mod plan for the stair ladder?

    Can’t wait to build one of these!
    So glad I found your site.

  4. Kerri – Sorry, but we don’t currently offer plans for steps or stairs that attach onto the footboard ladder or side of the bed. Some of the step designs that our customers have created–as shown in our photo gallery–may be fine for children, however we are doubtful of their ability to support the weight of many adults. Because of this, we aren’t currently planning to release our own plans for these styles of steps. We hope that for those customers who would like to design their own steps, the pictures in our photo gallery will serve them well as a beginning point for their own designs.

  5. The steps that I built for my daugher Grace’s bed are on the photo page. I sent them from my wife Jenny’s website so it says that she built it. I weigh 210 pounds and it holds me easily. My wife and I have both been on the platform and it still holds.

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