How To Use Tee Nuts When Building Your Loft Bed or Bunk Bed

3/8-16Tee Nuts - Amazon.comRobert in New York wrote to tell us, "I built an OP Loftbed bunk bed several years ago, and have not yet seen the fastening method I used. In place of wing nuts, I used "tee" nuts. Shorten all bolt legnths by 1/2 inch, and everything fits. The best part, no protrusions to catch things on or worse yet, rip skin."

Roberts suggestion will is an excellent idea, especially if you won't be frequently setting up your OP Loftbed bed and taking it back apart again every few months (as many college students do). Even if you do set-up and tear-down frequently this can still be a good idea, you'll just need to have a proper wrench on hand to facilitate tightening or loosening the bolts.

Thanks for sharing, Robert!

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