2003-2004 Scholarship Winner – M. Davis, University of California Berkeley

OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award Logo The winner of the 2003-2004 OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award is M. Davis. Our winner is a freshman majoring in general studies at University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. Her answers to the questions were as follows:

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. Recalling it couldn't possibly be as bad as when it really happened.
At a youth group event, we were building structures from wooden posts and rope. I was sitting on the floor of one of the structures (6 feet above the ground) attaching it to the posts when I suddenly realized that I really had to pee. As I pull and struggle with the rope, I notice that getting down after everything is attached is no easy task in itself. People underneath me notice my predicament and decide to torment me, shaking the posts and making jokes. I begin to laugh uncontrollably and pee in my pants! Since I am above the ground, it trickles to the ground. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed if I had peed on someone!

If you could take back one thing you have done in your life, what would it be and why?
Although my little brother and I usually get along, sometimes fights do break out. During one such fight, I called him stupid, lazy, and fat. Although I said it in blind anger and did not mean it, I could tell that he was deeply hurt. A few days later, I was leafing through his worksheets when I noticed that he put me down as the person he most admires. I realized that he takes everything I do and say to heart, even the insults; I have the power to mold his self-esteem. I wish that I could take back the hurtful words and replace them with my true feelings towards him; remind him that he beautiful, amazing, and smart.

Develop a new idea for a television series that you would like to see. Describe it for us.
Called “Desperate,” the TV show would see how desperate ordinary people are for cash. The show would go to some busy area and bargain with passersby to perform ‘dares’ for certain amounts of cash. For example, one such stunt could be to shave off one’s eyebrows, and the starting amount of money would be twenty dollars. If the person is not willing to perform the stunt for that amount of money and there are no interested takers, then the host could begin to bargain with the forming crowd and the participant for a price. Maybe eventually we would find out that the participant is so “Desperate” for money that they would shave their eyebrows off for fifty dollars.

About the 2003-2004 Scholarship:

We want to greatly thank all of our participants who made our second scholarship such a success, and wish each and every one of them a most prosperous future. We began accepting applications for the 2003-2004 school year on February 1, 2003 and ceased accepting applications at Midnight Eastern Daylight Time on July 31, 2003. The decision of the judges is final.

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