Become a Preferred Manufacturer

If you are interested in becoming an OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer, simply click here to print out the Application and mail it to us along with a check or money order for the annual fee (plus fees for expanded territory if desired). You should hear back from us within two weeks. If your application is not accepted for any reason, your check will be entirely refunded.

It it is not necessary to have an established wood working or furniture manufacturing business to become an OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer. If you built your own OP Loftbed, you have the skills and tools to start your own business or side business*. Even if you do have an established business, you are still welcome to become a partner and have the privilege of adding "OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer" to your list of credentials.

* It is your responsibility to make sure that you follow your state laws for operating a business in your area.