Business Opportunities With OP Loftbed

dollar_sign200x200We started the OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers Program because of the large number of requests that we get from people wishing to buy a complete OP Loftbed. Because the shipping costs would nearly equal the actual cost of the bed, in most cases it is not feasible for us to ship them from our facility in Thomasville, North Carolina. This inspired the idea of allowing other people around the country to become our suppliers to those people who want complete OP Loftbed kits.

This is terrific business opportunities for you!  There are a lot of people looking for loft beds, and they are coming to our site. Becoming an OP Loftbed Partner will place your business where the people that are looking for your product can find you and do business with you. Our OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturers can be found in the Buy A Bed section of our site.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

People who are enrolled as an OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer will receive:

  • A listing on our web site for one year*
  • Copies of all the OP Loftbed loft bed plans (Medium and Original Height)
  • Immediate notification of changes or upgrades to the plans for one year*
  • A personalized flier that you can copy and post to generate business.
  • A Customized “Liability Waiver” for your customers to sign.
  • A Customized “Thank You for Purchasing an OP Loftbed” letter that explains to your customers how to care for their OP Loftbed.
  • A Customized Business Card template to identify yourself as and OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer.
  • Incredible discounts on loft bed fasteners at a national fastener supplier.
    A guaranteed service territory.

Costs and Fees

Your first year as an OP Loftbed Partner and Preferred Manufacturer, will cost $125.00*. Each year after that you will be given the opportunity to remain an OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer. If you choose to remain an OP Loftbed Partner, simply complete a new application and return it to us with a check or money order for $50* before your year expires. If we do not receive these before your year expires you will have to reapply as a new OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer and pay the $125.00* again.

Expanded Areas
We have had some Preferred Manufacturer’s request territories that are larger than the standard 25 mile radius. Where possible, we do allow this. We do charge $25.00* for each additional 25 miles of driving radius (in 25 mile increments) between you and any other OP Loftbed Preferred Manufacturer. We have set a maximum extension of 75 miles. We pride ourselves on a very high level of customer service and we feel that a 100 mile territory is about as large as any person or single company can effectively service. (This relates only to how close other Preferred Manufacturer’s are to you. You can still sell and deliver anywhere you choose.)

If you would like to request an expanded area, just note that on your application and include the additional funds with your payment.

*Subject to change in proportion as benefits change.

* 365 days, beginning with the date that your information is listed on the web site


We want to see your OP Loftbed!

We would especially like to see the unique and creative ways that you have decorated your OP Loftbed, but any and all pictures are welcome.

You can email pictures to (We realize that loft beds are usually used in cramped quarters, but give it a shot anyway!)

We will add your pictures to the OP Loftbed customer gallery. We will also share your pictures and give a shout-out to you as the Master Builder! If you provide additional information and tips, we might even present it in an article on the OP Loftbed Blog and give you all the credit.

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