I’m having trouble getting all the washers on the bolts. What can I do?

This rarely happens, however some lumber seems to be just slightly thicker than others. Although it is close to 1-1/2″ thick, it can be just slightly thicker. Sometimes the lock washers can be a little thicker, or the bolts can be a little shorter. In all these cases, we’ve found a few things that seem […]

Can I use carriage bolts instead of the hex head bolts?

Some of our customers have successfully used carriage bolts when constructing their OP Loftbed loft beds or bunk beds, but we don’t recommend it. When used in softer woods, like pine, the wood will ‘strip out’ allowing the square portion of the carriage bolt head to lose its ‘bite’ into the wood. This can keep […]

This bed doesn’t shake at all! I can’t make it move! What’s the secret?

Good solid engineering! The OP Loftbed loft beds and bunk beds are designed by an engineer who has spent a lot of time designing metal structures for dust collectors that weigh several tons and that must be able to endure high winds. He applied those same engineering concepts to our wood loft beds and bunk […]