DIY Loft Bed Plans

You decided you want to take advantage of the space saving benefits of a loft bed.
As you shopped around you found expensive, poorly constructed beds that didn’t really fit your personality.So you are going to build your own loft bed.
Where do you start?
You need loft bed plans, but not just any plans. You need loft bed plans to build a bed that is
safe, sturdy, customizable, inexpensive
and will fit your space.OP Loftbed has the perfect plans for you!

OP Loftbed plans…

  • Are designed to exacting safety standards
  • Are legendary for their sturdy construction and durability
  • Are a blank canvas on which you can express you own personality (see examples below)
  • Are only $10 for a complete set of plans
  • Come in sizes from twin to queen and 3 different heights to fit your room and need
  • Are downloadable in PDF format, so you can print them or view them on a computer or tablet
  • Can be customized with our free plans for: a bookshelf, desk, side table, and special guardrail for extra safety

OP Loftbed is a trusted name in loft bed plans for more than 15 years.

Just a few examples of what a people have built with our plans